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Piayback rabbit food

We feed Payback rabbit food


What to feed your rabbits

Your rabbits should have all the pellets and hay they can eat until they are 6 months or so.  Do NOT feed your rabbits anything green until they are 12 weeks old. If you give them greens to early it could give them a bad stomachache or kill them.
general feeding guidelines
age                            diet
7 weeks-7months      alfalfa hay and pellets, as much as they can eat. Don`t give excess pellets
12 weeks                 begin introducing vegtables ONE at a time
7 months-1 year        start limiting access to pellets
                              decrease alfalfa hay; start feeding grass hay 
                               gradually increase the amount of veggies
1-5 years                 unlimited grass hay
                              1/4-1/2 cup pellet per 6 pounds. New Zealands should have about 3/4 cup.
                              2+ cups of veggies
lactating does          offer food 24 hours a day

Things you can feed your rabbits: (dandilions and plantain are a great source of nutrition for rabbits.)

carrot tops
letuce in a dark, leafy, variaty.
One or Two times a week you can feed chard, spinach and beet tops in limited amounts.(If you feed them to much of it, the oxalates accumulate in the bunny and makes toxity.)

In the nest box:

You can have 3 types of nest boxes: wood, wire and metal.  Wood is a bad choice because it soaks stuff up.  it`s better to use wire or metal.   We usually line the nest box with a thick layer of wood shavings, lots of straw or hay, shredded newspaper. NEVER FEED YOUR BUNNY KITTEN MILK REPLACER FOR CATS IT COULD KILL THEM.

Rabbit milk replacer:
1/2 cup canned evaperated milk
1/2 cup water
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon corn syrup
warm  to room temprature